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On Jan 20, 2007, we have finished the English version of our website. We hope that the provided information will show you the comprehensiveness of our service.

Restaurant, Café, Boarding House
František Hrabal
Náměstí T.G.M. 130
470 01 Česká Lípa
Czech Republic
Phone/fax: +420 487 522 040

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History of the House

The construction development of the parcel has probably started in the 13th century, as demonstrated by the archaeological research on the adjoining parcels of houses No. 128 and 129. However, building took place deeper in the current parcels. The existence of Gothic cellars proves some changes of the terrain relief. The front house bears some Renaissance features. The southern wall is up to sixty-five centimetres thick. Apparently, this side of the house used to border with some older houses, which is confirmed also by common cellars. The house was probably destroyed in the big fire in 1820.

In the era of Classicism, the rear part of the building was torn down and the southern traverse wall was constructed, which was connected with building the upstairs part of the Renaissance house. This modification included erecting the two-branch staircase with flat places above landings.

There was a yard behind the house, covering some cellars and entry necks of land. After the fire in 1820, the built-up area was damaged. Its reconstruction by the then owner T. Elbel was generous. Besides the reconstruction itself, he also decided to extend the rear part of the house. This work took longer than had been expected, supposedly, because the roof frame, that had to be built anew, has been dated in 1828.

Sometimes before 1838, the rear house was finished and its ground floor was extended to the adjoining parcel No. 129. It is documented by the request for permission to build on this parcel. Thus, parcel No. 130 was built-up almost completely.

The construction activity on the parcel ends before 1883 by this extension. Further construction activity is limited to minor adaptations of interior and exterior, degrading the older Renaissance and Classicist architecture. Another reconstruction attempt started in 1987; however, after a part of the house collapsed spontaneously into the present-day Škroupovo Square, this reconstruction was halted and continued as late as in 2001 by the current owner Franišek Hrabal, who gradually carried out a total reconstruction of the building. He built a confectionery and café here, followed by the Whisky Bar and wine shop, and finished the reconstruction in 2006 with opening a boarding house in the first floor of the house.

Acknowledgements to the following companies and individuals, who participated in the reconstruction and improvement of the house:

Historic Pictures

2001 – We are on the start

2006 – Is this the end of it...?



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