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On Jan 20, 2007, we have finished the English version of our website. We hope that the provided information will show you the comprehensiveness of our service.

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Jitka Vorlíčková
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Czech Republic
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Česká Lípa Region

The region of Česká Lípa is a popular recreation area. Its attractiveness stems from the variety of many colourful landscape and natural features with relatively little damaged environment. Its territory contains some large forested areas, attracting fans of winter sport mainly to the northern part of the district around Nový Bor and Kamenický Šenov, where the Lužice (Lusatia) Mountains are located. This area is attractive also for tourists and cyclists, who can use over-border tourist tracks to Germany. These are the following border crossings: Krompach–Oybin Hain, Krompach–Jonsdorf, Dolní Světlá–Waltersdorf and Petrovice–Lückendorf.

More than a third of the region of Česká Lípa lies inside protected landscape areas. The northern part of the district belongs to the PLA Lužice Mountains, the western part belongs to the PLA Bohemian Central Mountains, and the southern part belongs to the PLA Kokořínsko. Besides, there area many small-area protected territories in the district, with some of them being internationally important, such as natural preserves Novozámecký rybník, Břehyně – Pecopala and Jezevčí vrch. Other protected areas, interested for tourists, are the national natural monument Panská skála near Kamenický Šenov – a basalt rock flaking in columns – and Peklo – a canyon valley with sandstone rocks.

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